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by | May 29, 2022

– Toolbar: Home, End, Tab, Tools, Options, Copy, Paste, Navigate, Locate file
– GUI: Folder, Tab, Folder-tree
– Highlight and Extract TIFF Images:
– Pick a specific location
– The tool highlights the region in the image you have clicked
– You can use the right mouse button to specify the extraction option you want.
– In the old version you can also set the width and height of the image to be extracted.
– The extractions are stored in a TIFF file.
– The extract file is automatically renamed and updated.
– You can save the images in the current directory
– You can create “TIFF-image-database” using a file explorer (the folder structure that holds the images are saved to the file)
– You can export to any format, such as GIF, PNG and JPEG
– You can use the GUI to navigate the image
– You can use the GUI to zoom in the images
– You can use the GUI to navigate images on-line
– You can use the GUI to change the “highlight colour” for the image
– You can use the GUI to display the extraction of an image in the image viewer

By the way, I am still to get VLIM to work. It runs, but I get a constant “sending window” error message. After a while, it exits. I hope this will make a difference, as it is supposed to be a much improved version.

Thank you for your comments, yes I agree that the GUI is a bit limited. But this is only because you need to have a background for the program to work. Unfortunately, it is a very small program with some limited features. I hope you will give it another try, I will do my best to make it work properly, and improve it, as I do not want to have a bunch of messages about it.

I had to modify the VLIM source, because it does not accept VLIM images. I have modified the file to accept both VLIM and JPEG images, and added some additional features. Try it now, you should get more than just a message about “sending window”.

I have now added a few more features. It allows you to view full screen images. I have added a little description in the help window, and also a list of options you can use.

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– PC version: Easily monitor your main-system with KEYMACRO. KEYMACRO is a “CALLER” that will allow you to automatically handle specific incoming phone calls on your mobile and landline network.
– MAC version: This particular version of KEYMACRO runs on your MAC with the same software and functions as the PC version.
– Android version: KEYMACRO for Android works with the same base software as the PC and MAC versions. The difference is that the computer side of the app is designed specifically for the Android OS.
– Windows Phone version: A Windows Phone version of KEYMACRO has been developed for the Windows Phone platform and is ready for you to get working within minutes of opening the application.
– iOS version: An iOS version of the KEYMACRO software has been developed as well. KEYMACRO for iOS allows you to take the best of both worlds, a mobile app with a PC/MAC version!
– Blackberry 10 version: Currently, there is no Blackberry 10 version of KEYMACRO. But it is being worked on now and we hope to have a new version available for you soon!
*Keymacro – your call waiting program. It also offers you all the features of a Call waiting program, like sending waiting calls to your mobile, hearing the waiting callers voicemail message or even screening your mail if you want to.
*Keymacro – your call forwarding program. You can forward incoming calls to any number or even block all calls or forward them to your mobile.
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*Keymacro – your call recording program. Record any call and save it to your phone for future use, to look up or even to listen to any calls you want.
*Keymacro – your virtual secretary. If you have meetings and appointments scheduled you can have a virtual assistant to remind you of them. You can even use it to send you calls and SMS.
Keymacro is the best and most complete call waiting, call forwarding and call screening program on the web. In fact, it is so much more than just a program, it is a fun, colorful way to monitor your phone calls, talk to the callers