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by | May 29, 2022

This is a work in progress for a small, portable program to manage your tweets. I wanted a twitter client that i could easily have on me at all times, where I could go through my tweets, reply to them, retweet them, etc. In the long run, i would like to expand this to have my entire life’s tweets on one single page of a giant twitter feed. This is just a place for me to start.
For now, this is what i’ve come up with:

This is a python application that is quite limited in functionality, but I will be expanding it as time goes on. The point is, it’s a twitter client! And I also have a version for iTerm and Terminal in case you wanted something cross platform.
If you think I should add something or make something more powerful, let me know! And of course, I’d love to know what you think!


Twitterific would be a good choice.

‘use strict’;

var $export = require(‘./_export’);
var $reduce = require(‘./_array-reduce’);

$export($export.P + $export.F *!require(‘./_strict-method’)([].reduceRight, true), ‘Array’, {
// / Array.prototype.reduceRight(callbackfn [, initialValue])
reduceRight: function reduceRight(callbackfn /*, initialValue */) {
return $reduce(this, callbackfn, arguments.length, arguments[1], true);

Java 8 Sequence of Execution

So I have a method like this
public static void main(String[] args) {
int x = 1, y = 1;

find(x, y);
find(x, y);
find(x, y);
find(x, y);
find(x, y);
find(x, y); 70238732e0

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Keymacro is a software synthesizer for midi keyboards.
Keymacro is a audio MIDI sequencer, converter and controller.
Keymacro can load/save or convert MIDI files on-the-fly.
Keymacro allows to load/save MIDI files in standard MIDI format (midi.1, midi.2 and midi.3) and has one extra MIDI format: midi.ext (an audio MIDI format with added sound information).
Keymacro can load/save or convert MIDI files on-the-fly. No need to wait until your MIDI file is converted or saved; once it is loaded, Keymacro can edit or convert a file as fast as you want.
Keymacro supports the following MIDI instruments:
■ Roland MT-32
■ Roland V-Synth
■ Akai S900
■ Steinberg/Maschine (only for Windows version)
■ Korg M1 (only for Windows version)
■ Korg M3
■ Korg DS-1
■ Korg M-50
■ Korg D-50
■ Alesis Q-1
■ Alesis Q-2
■ Alesis Q-3
■ Korg M-11
■ P.H.I.M.O.
■ Kawai K8
■ Samsung NR-800
■ Yamaha DX7
■ Yamaha FM7
■ Yamaha GS7
■ Roland GR-20
■ Roland GS-30
■ Roland SF-PRO
■ Roland TR-07
■ Roland SE-40
■ Roland SE-60
■ Roland SE-73
■ Roland SE-90
■ Roland SE-100
■ Roland SE-130
■ Roland SE-140
■ Roland SE-160
■ Roland SF-1
■ Korg M7
■ Roland G-50
■ Korg M3R
■ Korg M3A
■ Korg M3D
■ Korg M3S
■ Korg M3X
■ Korg M3