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by | May 27, 2022

Hangman-WinFlash Basic-
An entertaining word guessing game based on Hangman. Several levels with different sets of words. A very interesting and addictive game. WinFlash Basic is an award winning Flashcard Study and Testing System – Whether you’re an airline pilot looking for the most time-efficient way to prepare for periodic recertifications, a high school student hoping for a quicker way to master Spanish or a little girl who needs some help with her spelling words this program is your key to reaching your learning goals.
WinFlash Basic is a tool that allows you learn for the exams. WinFlash Basic offers powerful multimedia support while retaining its ability to quickly and easily turn out study decks for last-minute use. Master the program using the accompanying step-by-step tutorial.
WinFlash’s learning algorithms help you thoroughly master the study material.
WinFlash Basic tracks your progress and focuses attention on those questions causing difficulty while continuing to reinforce areas of strength. Build your enthusiasm with speed challenges and reverse-order passes.
Support your basic content with audio files, graphics and video clips. Choose from standard, fill-in or multiple choice question formats.
WinFlash has been repeatedly recognized as the leading program of its type, winning the Shareware Industry Award for Best Educational Program, the Educational Shareware Cooperative’s People’s Choice and 5-star rankings from many popular download sites.
WinFlash Basic Description:


Immigration Tutorial 1.5.0
Immigration Tutorial is a book which will teach you about the immigration requirements and procedure in the USA. This is very important if you are applying for immigration to the USA and if you want to know more about your case. Immigration Tutorial contains…

3.82 MB

Puzzles & Games

Word Games- Deluxe Edition 1.0
There are a lot of word games and logic games in the whole world, and it is easy to make a distinction when you play them. Word Games- Deluxe Edition has a collection of 45 word and logic games. Games include several rounds of word, rhyme, trivia, proverbs, crosswords, logic, and many more. Best of all, games can be played by…

9.44 MB

Educational Software

1001 Ways To Name A Baby 1.0
The name you give your baby should be something that means a lot to both of you. What is the baby’s middle name? What are some popular first names eea19f52d2


As easy as it is to place documents on your desktop, make them disappear again, and even change their size, it doesn’t get any easier to manage your desktop and find the icons you want when you want them. Shell for Windows provides the solution for you by splitting your desktop into different areas and widgets.
Shell for Windows is an application for Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 that allows you to customize your desktop. It will allow you to place your files, folders, applications, Internet, network, system, time, and date anywhere you like, and even add buttons or thumbnails to your desktop. You can also add any folder as a new desktop area, and even create a taskbar for a larger display of your desktop.
– Add up to ten desktop areas
– Use folders as desktop areas
– Create shortcuts to any location on your hard drive
– Create shortcuts to any location on the Internet
– Create shortcuts to any location in your Web browser
– Create shortcut to any program, folder, or file on your hard drive
– Create shortcuts to any program, folder, or file on the Internet
– Create shortcuts to any program, folder, or file on your network
– Create shortcuts to any program, folder, or file on your other local computers
– Put your time and date anywhere on your desktop
– Split the desktop so you can see all of your files at once
– Add thumbnails to your desktop
– Get thumbnails for any file on your hard drive or on the Internet
– Add a toolbar to your desktop
– Add a taskbar to your desktop
– Add a new tool bar to the top of your desktop
– Create a mini-toolbar
– Use the Mini Toolbar to change the size of your taskbar
– Use the Mini Toolbar to display different toolbars
– Move the Mini Toolbar to the left, center, or right
– Use a row of icons instead of a taskbar
– Move the Mini Toolbar to the top of your desktop
– Create a button on your desktop for copying a selected file to the clipboard
– Create a button on your desktop for copying a selected file to the clipboard
– Create a button on your desktop for downloading a selected file to the clipboard
– Create a button on your desktop for printing a selected file
– Create a button on your desktop for opening a selected file with the Windows application of your choice
– Create a button on your desktop for