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by | May 30, 2022

KeyMacro is the most advanced keyboard macro program in the world.
KeyMacro is a useful application to add new keyboard shortcuts for your favorite Windows applications.
Whether you want to press F7 to run a program or F11 to maximize a window, or use ALT+Enter for an automated logout of the current session, KeyMacro will let you create and assign keyboard shortcuts to be performed by a single keystroke in many of your applications.
KeyMacro is a powerful tool for easy and fast working with your keyboard.
KeyMacro’s powerful macro language and deep configuration features let you assign one of over 500 unique keyboard shortcuts to be performed by a single keystroke in many of your applications.
With the help of advanced built-in scripting engine, users can also define macros or use user-defined custom keyboard shortcuts.
KeyMacro can be set to work automatically on start-up of the system or run in the background.
KeyMacro is an application which is specially designed for Windows users. If you are using Linux or OS X operating system, this software may be considered as a special package.
KeyMacro offers a wide range of options such as keyboard map, display, shortcut setting and hotkeys.
KeyMacro has a built-in previewer to enable users to test their macros before actually using them.
With KeyMacro’s built-in scripting engine, users can create their own macros and use full power of the KeyMacro’s extensive scripting engine.
KeyMacro enables you to define shortcuts for:
Start menu (File | Start menu),
Desktop (File | Desktop),
Taskbar (File | Quick Launch),
Notepad (File | Edit menu | View),
Option (File | Options menu),
Developer (File | Options menu),
Startup folder (File | Options menu),
Quick Launch (Start menu | Programs),
Favorite (Start menu | Favorites),
Internet Explorer (Internet options | Manage add-ons),
Windows (Desktop | Properties),
Windows (Desktop | Preferences),
Internet Explorer (Internet options | Connections),
Word (Desktop | Macros | Word),
Excel (desktop | Macros | Excel),
PowerPoint (desktop | Macros | PowerPoint),
Outlook (desktop | Macros | Outlook),
Google (desktop | Macros | Google),
Entourage (desktop | Macros | Entourage),
Adobe (desktop 70238732e0

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To use Font Test you need to write a name of the font using the Font Test menu. For example, if you have Microsoft’s MS Sans Serif (font 1) and MS Serif (font 2) installed, you can write “Sans” or “Serif”.
Then Font Test will show you the font you typed into the menu. You can then switch between all installed or selected fonts.
Font Test description:
Font Test have 3 main parts:
1) Text to be shown with given font
2) Font chooser – showing you font that will be used
3) Options – changing font size or testing display of single characters
Any text can be used for example any text you have in front of you. But for testing fonts, you need to type something. You may write anything – eg. “MS Sans Serif”, “MS Serif”, “MS Courier New” or just a few characters, such as A, B, C, D.
You can choose all installed fonts or just selected ones. This way you may test which font is better for displaying a certain text in eg. presentation or text.
If you choose Microsoft’s font “Verdana” and change font size, you may see that the font looks different in many situations.
For example:
1-10 A
1-10 B
1-10 C
1-10 D
1-10 E
1-10 F
1-10 G
1-10 H
1-10 I
1-10 J
1-10 K
1-10 L
1-10 M
1-10 N
1-10 O
1-10 P
1-10 Q
1-10 R
1-10 S
1-10 T
1-10 U
1-10 V
1-10 W
1-10 X
1-10 Y
1-10 Z
11-20 A
11-20 B
11-20 C
11-20 D
11-20 E
11-20 F
11-20 G
11-20 H
11-20 I
11-20 J
11-20 K
11-20 L
11-20 M
11-20 N
11-20 O
11-20 P
11-20 Q
11-20 R
11-20 S
11-20 T
11-20 U
11-20 V