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by | May 27, 2022

JetType is an application that has proved its worth in the past few years. It is a robust and efficient application designed to help you improve your keyboard typing speed, among other things.
This application comes with a user-friendly interface that helps you navigate around the program’s functions easily. After installing it, its installation can be done easily and effortlessly.


No one can deny that on the Internet, there are a lot of dubious applications. Thus, it is very important to take care of your own personal computer, looking for applications that come with a dedicated user interface and actually make your PC more useful.
JetType is a dedicated software that performs a wide range of tasks, from detecting what you need to improve, to offering you an easy way of doing it. The application’s interface can be applied to a very wide range of users, as it is designed to be simple to use.
Software that can detect your typing errors
The application can help you detect your typing errors automatically, for example, when you are creating a new document or when you are about to type a certain phrase. This is particularly useful for people that are new to the keyboard, as they can actually train themselves by analyzing the mistakes they make and subsequently fixing them.
Support for a wide range of operating systems
This particular software can function on a wide range of operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Linux. Even though you are required to download a.NET Framework file to function properly, this is not a problem at all, since the majority of users already have this file installed on their computers.
Interesting games for you to enjoy
JetType includes a number of games that allow you to enjoy the program even more and test your skills further.
Types an impressive speed
Among the many features of the application is its ability to type very fast. One test allowed me to type 4000 characters per minute, while another test revealed that I was able to type 12,000 characters per minute.
User-friendly interface
When it comes to the design of this software, it has the ability to look good, making it more attractive. Its layout is designed to be easy to navigate, using a carousel, the indicators, and special buttons for user convenience.
A bunch of simple, efficient functions
The program includes a variety of simple, yet efficient functions, such as timers, as well eea19f52d2


Attached Proton Test (APT) is a software application to simulate the attached proton test in carbon-13 NMR. This software is ideal for education and research in organic chemistry.
The program takes input of the chemical shifts of the carbon and the number of protons bonded to it. Once these parameters are known, the program calculates the chemical shift for the carbon bonded to the protons.
The chemical shifts of all carbons that are bonded to protons are stored in the first output file as tab-delimited files. These files can be opened using Excel or any spreadsheet program. The data can also be exported to HTML or text format for web publication.
A second output file is generated that stores the chemical shift of the carbon bonded to the protons. This data file can be used for simulations or to prepare a manuscript.
The program will calculate the chemical shift of the carbon bonded to the protons for an unknown if the information is entered. The user can determine the chemical shift and the number of protons bonded to the unknown in the input dialog. Alternatively, an unknown can be analyzed by selecting it in the control area. The chemical shifts of the carbons bonded to the protons are displayed in the results window.
Attached Proton Test (APT) is free software licensed under the GNU GPL Version 2.
It is available at
File: attachedprotontest.zip[Spectrum of ocular lesions with retinitis pigmentosa].
To analyse the clinical characteristics of ocular lesions in patients with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and to determine whether the clinical findings of RP patients in the early stages of the disease (before age 30) are of use in early diagnosis. Observational case study. The clinical files of 25 RP patients with ocular lesions treated at the outpatient Ophthalmology department of the Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI in Mexico City between January 1980 and December 1997 were reviewed. Fourteen (56%) of the 25 patients were women, and 11 (44%) were men. The mean age at presentation was 34 years (range: 6 to 61 years). The follow-up period was 3.1 years (range: 0.3 to 15 years). A total of 55 eyes were included in the study, and there was a positive family history of RP in 80% of the cases. The ocular lesions included in this study were