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Duplicate File Remover PRO 5.8.1

by | May 27, 2022

This extension allows you to easily add your Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, or Hebrew text to your internet search results. Whenever you type your search string into the search box, a drop-down menu of suggested search results will appear at the top of the search box. You can choose which results to show by selecting one of the options in the menu.

This extension has been created as a standalone add-on for Firefox, which can be downloaded from the official site.

Autocorrect is one of the more useful add-ons for Firefox, mainly because of the user-friendly interface.

Autocorrect is a smart spelling checker for Firefox. It was the first Firefox plugin to receive an award from Add-ons.org, and it is the only extension to receive the prestigious Award of Excellence (AOE) from The Mozilla Foundation. It also was the winner of the 2009 Mozilla Application Challenge.

Autocorrect is available in the Firefox 3.6.x series and the Firefox 4 Beta. It has been added to the official add-ons site, where it can be downloaded.

Autocorrect is designed to quickly and accurately correct misspelled words and grammar as you type. Unlike the previous version of autocorrect, this version does not include the contextual spelling checker. The new version only checks for a single word at a time, rather than the entire document as it did in the previous version. Also, in the new version, text which contains the correct word is not marked as correct or incorrect in any way.

The extension also provides the ability to “Ignore” words and phrases, which will allow the extension to not make any attempts to correct words.

Both the simple and advanced modes allow users to configure the context of the “Correct Now” button, which allows users to customize the checking of the word being entered and the words around it. This button can be disabled to only check for spelling mistakes or enabled to always check spelling.

Autocorrect allows you to add all of your favorite words to the dictionaries and quickly correct them as you type.

The first step in adding words is to select a dictionary. For example, if you want to add an English dictionary, you would choose English.

You can choose from the dictionaries that are built-in to the Firefox search box (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and Italian).

You can also add a dictionary to the list of diction eea19f52d2


prokyon3 is a tool written in C++. It uses the MySQL database engine as backend and the Qt3 widget set for GUI. prokyon3 is developed using the Ubuntu package system and requires a Ubuntu desktop.
For more information about prokyon3 please visit
In addition to the normal features prokyon3 includes a customizable file view and a powerful tag editor. You can easily import and export playlists and a huge number of playlists and artists are included.
Tag editor and database wizard
Although the basic editor is a simple text editor prokyon3 offers many different features to manage tags. You can edit ID3v2 tags with the standard format and freely create new ID3v2 tags.
If you want to edit ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags prokyon3 offers a wizard that helps you to create/edit tags. Using this wizard you can create new tags, set the title, artist, album, genre, year, comment, track name, bitrate, play time, rating and many more.
An ID3v2 tag editor is also provided. The ID3v2 editor is not a simple text editor as it is a sophisticated GUI editor for ID3v2 tags.
File view
Besides the powerful tag editor prokyon3 offers a customizable file view. This view is accessed via the rightclick menu. The order of the files can be changed and the files can be sorted by artist, year, title, comment, etc. You can see the rating, bitrate, play time and comments. You can also download the files from the database if they are not already available on disk.
Some more features
Besides the basic features you will find in prokyon3 many more features. The information from the internet like lyrics, artist images and album covers can be retrieved and stored in prokyon3. This allows prokyon3 to offer a lot of functions that other tools don’t offer.
For example, you can simply put a file on the network (with FTP), automatically set it as music and add the artist, album and genre. prokyon3 will then retrieve all information from the internet about this file, add it to the database and play it. The same goes for the tracks on your harddisk. With the tags you can search the database for these tracks, retrieve them and play them.
Additionally, a personal review manager allows you to save