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by | May 27, 2022

· Safe n Sec is the most advanced and reliable virus protection product for home users. It protects your computer from viruses and spyware. Safe n Sec Pro 2009 is the only product that is 100% free from spyware and adware and has a Pro-Virus scanner.
· Safe n Sec is the only anti-malware product that can detect and remove rootkits. It can identify and remove rootkits and any infected processes. Safe n Sec 2009 includes the latest security features and updates that increase the security of your system.
· Safe n Sec Pro 2009 is the most complete anti-malware product on the market. It combines a highly-effective anti-virus engine, malware scanner and anti-spyware engine.
· Safe n Sec Pro 2009 includes special features such as:
· Advanced anti-virus engine and real-time protection from viruses, worms and spyware.
· Powerful anti-spyware engine detects and eliminates spyware with minimal impact on system resources.
· Protection from all forms of Trojans and spyware.
· Can analyze code running on your PC in the background. This allows detection and removal of rootkits.
· Includes a fully-automated scanner that finds and removes malware, even on protected systems, without the need to leave the system running.
· Automatic updates – Safe n Sec Pro 2009 has an automatic update feature that informs users about new versions and patches, automatically downloads the latest version, and installs it on their computers.
· User-friendly interface.
· Can be used without the help of a specialist.
· Supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
· Requires no installation!
· Allows to create and manage user profiles.
· Allows to integrate Safe n Sec with the Internet Explorer Favorites list.
· Allows to scan removable devices.
· Can use with all languages.
· Auto-detection of the database used by the virus scanning engine.
· Ability to write events and keywords for processes in the registry or file.
· Ability to fully customize the installation program.
· Can use a high-speed internet connection to update the virus database or the antispyware database.
· High-speed scanning – scanning time is reduced up to 50%.
· Safe n Sec 2009, Complete Version: includes the following components:
· Safe n Sec 2009 – an effective and reliable anti-virus and anti-spyware software
· Safe n eea19f52d2


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Can I submit a CLang executable for Xcode build, without building it?

I am trying to submit a CLang executable for Xcode build, without building it.
Is it possible?
I would like to keep all the tests that the build fails.
Do I have to build my executable before submitting it?


You can manually submit your project, as long as it has a main target.
Just go to your project navigator, right click the project, choose Show Package Contents. Inside build, you can find the build scheme. In the default scheme, the main target has Build action: Custom. The build scheme properties has Configuration: Release.
You need to change this Build configuration to one that actually builds your executable.
For example:

Click the Build Phases tab, find your executable and edit it.
Change Build Configuration to Debug.
Save the scheme.

You can build your