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by | May 27, 2022

Kill Docs allows you to specify the interval at which the Recent documents menu and recycling bin are emptied.
Kill Docs is very easy to use.
It starts by displaying the selected folder or drives in the box at the bottom left.
When you double click the system tray icon or right click on the tray icon the following options are displayed:
– Clear The Recent Documents
– Clear The Recycling Bin
– Clear All Files
– Set Options
– Help
1.The Help section contains the following:
* Frequently asked questions:
* How to disable it:
* Displaying your recycle bin:
* Resetting Kill Docs:
* Supporting files:
2.The Clear Options section allows you to clear only the recent documents menu and/or the recycling bin.
3.The Clear All Files section allows you to clear the full Recent documents menu, the recycling bin and all files on the selected drives.
4.The Set Options section allows you to select the interval at which to empty the recent documents menu and the recycling bin.
5.The Options section allows you to reset the values you have set.

Kill Docs Version 3.0 (Build 132) released today adds the following new features:
The recycle bin is now shown when you click on the clock (system tray icon).
Using the checkbox in the Settings section of the Options dialog, you can now clear the recycle bin, the recent documents menu and all files, including hidden files.
The recycle bin will now shrink automatically to the minimum size when the recent documents menu is clear (in most cases).
Added a ‘Reload All Content’ option in the Settings section of the Options eea19f52d2


Simple setup and GUI
The installation procedure is a fast and easy job that shouldn’t give you any trouble. As far as the GUI is concerned, it adopts a large window with a dark theme, which lets you create documents and save them as TXT or ECU files. However, you must assign a password prior to this step.
Explore text editing and security options
It’s possible to undo your actions, use a basic search tool to quickly find particular pieces of text, enable or disable password pox locking, switch from single to dual pane mode, encrypt and decrypt files, as well as convert them to ZIP or BMP format.
Furthermore, you can rename files and add the.ecu extension, opt for a secure deletion method (three levels of complexity), allow the stopping of Windows Explorer, sort and trim text, edit the program’s configuration file, set the process priority, make file associations, edit the Hosts file, clean the temporary files, wipe the free space on any selected drive to prevent third-parties from recovering personal data using specialized tools, and so on.
Evaluation and conclusion
It features a bunch of advanced and powerful options dedicated not only to text editing, but also for security and file cleaning. No dialogs popped up in our tests and it didn’t hang or crash. CPU and RAM consumption was minimal, so it didn’t hamper system performance.
To conclude, Secure Edit offers interesting options for a text editor, backed by additional security and file options.


This software was reviewed by antonella at 20/08/2011 5:46

Bought this software for 2 computers (I use the software on a desktop and the laptop) and at first was expecting it to be exactly the same as a text editor that comes with the Windows OS. I have since then been disappointed.

The first feature that I noticed when I first opened the software was that there was no option to change the color of the text on the page. In other word, it just let the background color of the screen decide what the text would be. I thought, hmmm maybe it’s because I’m on the laptop. When I looked at the desktop, I saw that it wasn’t even that way. So, I went to the menu and I could see that it was not an option. I was a little miffed by this.

So, I took a look at the mouse