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by | May 30, 2022

Customizable KEYMACRO is a little program that will help you to make your own copy/paste macro in your system! It is designed to be a simple and easy to use yet powerful tool that can give you the added functionality you need.
The program will save a record of keystrokes in a file and the user can set this file as the standard input of other applications. This is ideal for creating aliases (with or without an expansion command) or any application (or script) for copy/paste purposes.
An example of this is: you have a new website and you need to create an alias for the currently active page that will allow you to quickly copy the url to a location and then paste it somewhere else. With keymacro you can assign a keyboard shortcut to this action and then copy and paste the alias for the current page in any other program with a single keystroke.
The macro can be saved, edited, and activated/deactivated from the program. To customize a macro you can assign a keyboard shortcut, set the text of the alias, or choose which application will receive the content of the alias. You can also create multiple macros and associate them with the main macro.
How to use keymacro:
Run keymacro as administrator in system tray, it will load a configuration menu and a keyboard shortcut field. Once the keymacro has loaded the keyboard shortcut field will be pre-filled with the “main” macro. You can edit the main macro and add/delete/reorder any of the macros you want to use. Once you are happy with your configuration you can save the macro (make sure to press “Save” first or it will save it as the default main macro).
Once saved you can assign this macro to any application you want (just click in the field and select the application). The application will now automatically receive your macro text from the file and run the macro when it is activated.
After the application has executed the macro it will save the macro file back to the system tray. If you want you can delete this macro, or rename the file, or change the configuration. You can also “move” a macro from one application to another, as long as both the application and keymacro is running (i.e. there is a terminal open with the configuration open).
Using HSLAB Shutdown Folder:
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Keymacro is an application that helps you edit and create your own macros from both the keyboard as well as a mouse. The program’s interface is clean, simple and intuitive.
First, you will need to enter an address where to download the Keymacro application from. Once it is downloaded, launch the program and open it.
Once inside, you will need to enter the text you want to use as a macro. If it’s not found, you can add new words by clicking on the plus button, drag & drop and enter them in the box.
You will also need to choose a time to execute the macro. To do so, click on the clock on the bottom left corner of the interface, and then move the clock over to the desired time.
To make things a bit easier, you can also include the menu you want to run. To do so, open the drop down menu on the top right of the interface and select the menu you want to run.
To get things started, simply double-click on the text you want to run and the program will open it on the system you’re currently using.
After that, simply drag the icon to wherever you want it to run.
You can also add delays, pauses, and mouse clicks to the macro. This will make it run in a slightly different way than your standard windows function.
Once you have everything set up, you can finally start to use your macro. You can simply double-click on the macro you want to use, or add a keystroke to make the same work.
This is a program you will definitely need if you are someone who uses a lot of keyboard shortcuts.
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The application is built in 3D and allows you to go through a short tutorial in order to get everything set up. After that, you will be able to use the app on your computer as well as on the web.
3D app RESOURCES is an application that allows you to create high resolution 3D images. The program has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it very easy to get started with. Once you’re done, you can export your work or view it online.
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