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The Free version of Database Application Builder will provide all of the tools that the most advanced users will need. The tools are in a single window so that you can see what is going on at one time. The application can be used with two databases, an ODBC database that can be connected to a Microsoft Access database and an ODBC database that can be connected to a MySql database. Database Application Builder Free comes with a solid set of tools for designing and building rich visual database applications. You can easily edit forms, create windows, and place controls on the form. You can also create your own data entry forms and design a data entry form.

Maximo Financial Asset Manager (FA Manager) is an enterprise business intelligence (BI) application and is one of the first products that IBM acquired when it was acquired by IBM. It was developed from the Maximo Business Application Suite (Maximo BAS) which was developed by Data Access Corporation (DAC).
FA Manager is designed for users who want to use their applications in heterogeneous, heterogeneous environments, and for users who want to use the capabilities of the Maximo Financial Asset Manager (FA Manager) application in their heterogeneous, heterogeneous environments. Users of FA Manager include financial services firms, banks, securities firms, and financial services managers.
Key features
The following features are provided by FA Manager:
• Relational database
• Client interfaces that can run on any platform
• Desktop client
• Web client
• Web services
• Security and access control capabilities
• Analysis
• Data extraction and transfer
• Mapping
• Metrics

Heterogeneous environments
FA Manager provides a relational database in which data is represented as objects that include identity, attributes, and behaviors. This relational database is incorporated into FA Manager to provide functionality for storing data in a structured way.
Client interfaces that can run on any platform are available for FA Manager clients. This means that FA Manager applications are designed to run in heterogeneous environments. FA Manager is a software application, but FA Manager clients can run on any client platform that has a Java Virtual Machine. Therefore, there are client applications available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other platforms. Clients are downloadable through our Web site.
A data integration framework is also included with FA Manager to provide additional interfaces for extracting data from databases and transferring data to other environments.
FA Manager provides the security and access control features to provide functionality and support to various security functions.
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The BookCenter is an easy-to-use and efficient tool for managing and organizing your book collection. Not only because of its well-designed user interface – which enables easy-view operation – but also because of the support which the program offers.
A good example is automated data supplementation via web query, which can be used to get book information about books from the Internet. It greatly simplifies the maintenance of your book collection.
Here are some key features of “Hill Solutions BookCenter”:
• This program gives you an easy-to-use, quick and direct overview of your book collection
• It can record a wide range of general information like Title, Subtitle, Author, Publisher, ISBN, Series, Cover picture,.
• Fields to save specific information for a book
• Location, Condition, Rating, Comment, etc.
• It has extensive filter, search and sorting capabilities with full-text search
• Automated data supplementation via web query
• For instance you input the ISBN, and the programs gathers information from the Internet.
• High speed input via ISBN or EAN number
• Easy-view lend management with analyses
• With contact and address management
• in addition to regular features such as password protection, analyses and code tables (like authors, publisher, book types,. )
Feature List:
Easy-to-use and efficient tool for managing your book collection.
• The BookCenter records detailed information about all books in your library in a completely customized and efficient manner.
• To search for a book you need to enter only one of its many general information.
• The BookCenter has an extensive filter and search function which can be used to narrow down to a particular book or books.
• You can record and retrieve information on more than 25,000 titles with ease.
• With this program you can record and retrieve all sorts of book information, such as ISBN, name, EAN, Author, Publisher, Series, Condition, Rating, Comments,.
• To keep track of books lent to you or those of friends or others, you can automatically add all the books you loan, and read, to the BookCenter.
• With the BookCenter you can check at a glance how many books are in your library, what the condition of these books is, what your favourite books are, which books are most often lent out and, perhaps most importantly, who borrows your books.
• BookCenter can be used in combination with EAN numbers