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Nero Album Torrent

by | May 27, 2022

PicBand Image Downloader is an image downloader tool which is specially designed for computer users to download images from the internet, to organize and display. It is a powerful tool for web users to enjoy web pages with images. PicBand is a website for people to enjoy internet and do image related activities (like browsing, downloading, managing, cataloging, etc.) PicBand is a website which can download images, organize them, manage them and display them. PicBand can download pictures from multiple websites with a single click, organize them into a folder by topics, tags and keywords, and download pictures from specified boards or forums.
PicBand Image Downloader Features:
■PicBand is a web site where you can enjoy downloading images and chatting.
■ Well-organized image management system, make image browsing and download faster.
■ Support categories, keyword, tag, images in a gallery, browser, search, etc.
■ Download images from multiple websites at a time.
■ Preview, downlod, and rename images.
■ Sort, filter, download order and download direction.
■ Save images into folders by categories, keywords, tags and collections.
■ Search, search multiple forums/galleries for specified keywords and tags at the same time.
■ A variety of images from multiple websites: “Popular”, “Classic”, “Offbeat”, “Stupid”, “Cartoon”, “LOL”, “Jokes”, “Sexy”, “Illustrated”, “Glamour”, “Porn”, “Zombie”, “Animals”, “Nature”, “Portrait”, “Colorful”, “Tutorial”, “Children”, “Horror”, “News”, “Historical”, “Cute”, “Cartoon”, “Japan”, “Modem”, “Photography”, “Theatre”, “Sports”, “Military”, “Music”, “Illustrated”, “Clipart”, “Comics”, eea19f52d2


Active PKiller is a tool that will terminate the currently active processes on your PC. This quick termination will no doubt save you time as you can avoid long hang-ups caused by an active application.

Active PKiller has a minimalist design, and is designed to work with many different configurations. You’ll be able to set it as a primary or secondary keyboard combination to terminate the active process, and is especially useful when the hotkey combination is not available, or you’re working with a third-party macro that you can’t change. Active PKiller can run as a secondary process and save the users’ last active window as a default.

When you’re at your workplace, on a business trip, on vacation or even when you’re just surfing the web, being unable to access a certain app can ruin your experience. Active PKiller will terminate the active process on your computer, and will display the last active window in a list.

Here is some information regarding ActivePKiller:
Main Features:

Basic monitoring functionality, does not add additional features

Utilizes the Ctr+Alt+F4 hotkey combination to terminate the active process

Cannot be altered or customized

Displays the last active window

A well built, useful app

Ads Free

Overall verdict:

Active PKiller is a small app that will terminate the active processes on your computer on-demand, while offering basic functionality. It is well-built and designed, although the use of a hotkey combination is a bit counter-intuitive.

If you feel that the app has a lot to offer, and would like to see it extended with extra features, you can always buy this tool or you can check out the official page here.


i want to use it, but i dont know how to use it. it just shows my task manager and it doesnt have any options to do anything else, how can i make it terminate my programs for me? i just need it to show my programs and press my hotkey and terminate them. any idea how to do that?

To use Active PKiller, you’ll have to have it as a secondary process. You can then assign it a hotkey combination to run. Click the double-arrow symbol located on the right-hand side and select “Start as a secondary process”.A retrospective study of heter