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by | May 27, 2022

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To read more about the plugin, check the following page: FTP_synchronize

Posted on 27 Dec 2018

FTP_synchronize is a Notepad++ plugin you can use to keep your text documents synced with servers via FTP.
Sync text documents to FTP websites
It gives you the possibility to directly upload and download files using FTP accounts, thus excluding the need of a third-party FTP client.
The tool supports multiple profiles for setting up multiple FTP accounts, and it enables you to configure transfer options for each profile.
Easy to integrate into Notepad++
The downloaded package includes two DLL files as well as a text document. Make sure to read the.txt file to figure out whether you have to use the Unicode or the ANSI version.
Then, you just have to copy the DLL file to the “plugins” folder of Notepad++ and restart the application if it was running before doing this. Now, you should be able to access FTP_synchronize from the “Plugins” menu.
The plugin creates a new pane that’s embedded in the main menu, so you can easily switch from the document to the list of FTP connections.
Set up multiple FTP configurations
You can get started by setting up at least one FTP profile. To do this, set the profile name, address, port, username and password, connection mode (active or passive), timeout, and initial directory on FTP connection, transfer mode (binary, ASCII, automatic). Furthermore, you can set the tool to show the subtree root folder on connection, enable keep alive, and use profile cache.
As far as caching is concerned, you can set FTP_synchronize to cache any new file uploaded to the server, rename and remove it from the cache if these events take place on the server, autoupload caches files when saved, and use a specific cache location if none is provided by the profile.
When it comes to transfers, the FTP tool can be instructed to delete partially downloaded files if the download fails, show the queue, open the window when new items are added to the queue, and so on.
Practical FTP client embedded in Notepad++
All things considered, FTP_synchronize delivers a convenient way of uploading and downloading text documents via FTP accounts in Notepad++, thus eliminating the need of using other FTP software.
FTP_synchronize Description:
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Week Days Finder Portable is a small software application developed specifically for helping you find out the exact day of the week for any date. It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there.
Take advantage of its portability status
The tool is portable and can be kept on pen drives or other portable devices. In addition, you may open without having to possess administrative privileges.
You do not have to follow the steps included in an installation process. In order to gain access to the utility’s interface, you just need to run the executable file. It does not leave entries in your Windows registry and create additional configuration files so you can get rid of it via a quick deletion task.
Command-prompt running mode
Week Days Finder Portable can be controlled only via the command-line console. Although less experienced users may find it difficult to work in a CMD environment, this is really not the case with this particular tool. It reveals some handy tips directly in the title bar and allows you to perform most tasks using simple actions.
Search week days on the fly
The application offers you the possibility to input a custom date in the main window in order to find out the corresponding week day. Plus, you can make use of batch actions for processing multiple dates at the same time by dragging and dropping a plain text file directly in the primary pane.
Tests have pointed out that Week Days Finder Portable carries out a task very quickly and without errors. It is not a resource hog so you do not need to have a powerful computer in order to run it.
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GetWeekDays –
Programming/Other… GetWeekDays is a simple to use multi function calendar utility that helps you find out the exact day of the week for any date entered. The software features a calendar mode, a message box list, a reminder list, and a menu system. You may even add holidays, special dates, zip code, a date range, and even user-defined calendar objects. All settings can be saved and restored upon a single reboot.
Version Update.

GetWeekDays –
Programming/Other… GetWeekDays is a simple to use multi function calendar utility that helps you find out the exact day of the week for any date entered. The software features a calendar mode, a message box list, a reminder list, and a menu system. You may even