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Adept PDF to PowerPoint Converter is the safe and easy way to convert Adobe Acrobat documents to powerpoint slides without quality loss. It provides a solution for users to quickly extract their professional slides from Acrobat PDF documents.Adept PDF to PowerPoint Converter…Evaluation of induced nitrous oxide emissions from fish in New Zealand and estimation of the global emission factor.
Induced N2O emissions from small freshwater fish were measured at four sites in two of New Zealand’s freshwater catchments. The sites spanned an average of seven orders of magnitude in terms of dissolved oxygen (DO) and nitrate-N (NO3-N) concentrations. Emissions were in general proportional to NO3-N concentrations, consistent with the denitrification potential hypothesis for fish-induced N2O emissions. Emissions from the sites in the Tasman and Waikato catchments were similar to those measured elsewhere in the world. Calculations of the global N2O emission factor (EF) were performed on the basis of these sites, the distribution of fish species across the global catchment area, and the proportional relationship between fish size and N2O fluxes. For the global EF, the main factors were likely to be the proportional relationship between fish size and N2O flux, the proportional relationship between fish abundance and N2O flux, and the fact that fish dominate the total N2O flux over wide ranges of environmental conditions. The estimated global EF of N2O released from fish is ∼4.5 × 10(-11) mol N2O m(-2) fish size(-1).Marguerite D’Antin

Marguerite D’Antin (15 July 1855 – 1 July 1925) was a French salonist and collector of Japanese art.

Early life
D’Antin was born in Paris, the daughter of the noted artist Henri Benveniste D’Antin (1822–1897) and the American-born, Paris-based socialite Sarah P. Whiting, a daughter of Benjamin H. Whiting and Elizabeth Whiting Pierce. The family’s lavish lifestyle and exotic foreign travels, especially to Japan, had a strong influence on her and her siblings.

After her husband Francis (François) D’Antin (1855–1907), a wealthy Parisian banker, died, she became the principal owner and holder of the Benveniste collection of Japanese art. Her friend, collector and connoisseur eea19f52d2


Intel Parallel Composer is a C and C++ compiler that integrates Intel’s C and C++ compilers, runtime libraries, and performance libraries into a single application development toolkit. Intel Parallel Composer helps you create faster code through its compiler and libraries and provides an easy path to creating highly optimized parallel applications.

Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) is a collection of libraries and application programming interfaces (APIs) that help develop applications and libraries to use threading capabilities of the processor. This collection of code is designed to:
• Allow application developers to accelerate the development of parallel applications and libraries.
• Enable developers to write portable and reliable applications that leverage threads.
Intel® TBB is a C++ library and set of APIs for parallel processing. It was originally developed as a software foundation for high-throughput, event-driven, and real-time computing and currently supports many platforms and programming languages.
Intel® TBB is organized around the the C++ Programming Model ( C++ Concurrency Runtime API ) and the Threading Building Blocks API. These APIs encapsulate the most common programming constructs and present the concurrency features of the C++ programming language as objects.

C++ Concurrency Runtime API is a set of C++ objects (primitives, classes, and macros) that exposes a large set of features of the C++ programming language and enables developers to write high-throughput and event-driven applications on multicore and heterogeneous computing platforms, including Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers, x86-based and IA64-based client machines and embedded systems.
Intel® Threading Building Blocks is a collection of libraries and APIs that allow developers to write portable and reliable applications and libraries that leverage threads.
Using these capabilities, programmers can easily write concurrent applications and libraries, and developers of C++ application and library code can focus on parallel programming.
The most popular libraries and APIs in Intel® TBB are the concurrent containers (memory-mapped storages) and algorithms, threading tools, memory management utilities, futures and tasks.

Visual Studio provides an intuitive development environment for creating applications.
It helps improve development productivity and enables developers to create an app without spending too much time on the development environment.
Supported languages and compilers
.Net Framework 4.0, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and Visual C# 6.0 and Visual