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by | May 29, 2022

KEYMACRO is a handy utility that enables users to enter text in a clipboard without having to enter the entire text string. It’s capable of supporting text in various forms, such as plain text, rich text, Internet addresses and URLs.


• ROT13 encryption

• Internet links detection

• Plain text/rich text support

• Various encoding formats

• Hex/Html/Delphi Hex

• VB Hex/Hexidec/Hexidec Hexidec


• Shortcuts

• Plain text clipboard support


• Installer from the Manufacturer

• No installation required

• Download from its official website

Operating System:

• Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

• Supports 64-bit and 32-bit versions

• 16-bit and 32-bit Win 7

Main Window Features:

• Preview all the supported text formats

• Search for the item in the clipboard

• Support for all the supported encodings

• Shortcuts for all the supported encodings

• Long copy/paste function

• One-click copy/paste

• Open/save As dialogs

• Print dialog

• Various font sizes

• Lines are visible

Main Window Features (GUI):

• Current password

• Font size and color

• Editing mode

• Copy mode

• Paste mode

• Selection mode

• Hiding selection

Main Window Features (GUI):

• Open/save dialogs

Main Window Features (GUI):

• Lines are visible

• 1Password logon window

Main Window Features (GUI):

• Options for advanced editing features

Main Window Features (GUI):

• Command line options

Main Window Features (GUI):

• Search option

Main Window Features (GUI):

• Launch any program or an application from the clipboard contents

Main Window Features (GUI):

• Open/save dialogs

KeyMacro Description:

A good utility for people who regularly work with Internet links and copy/paste. It will easily identify the link in the clipboard, without having to 70238732e0

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– Allows for easy file and folder access (saving, moving, changing or deleting)
– Provides a more user friendly interface for faster and easier use
– Allows multiple users to access the same shared folders
– Handles files and folders with different permissions to make it easy to access them
– Allows you to import or create your own password for the program
– Removes the need for passwords in all of the other screens
– Manages shared folders, users, passwords, and more
– Provides single click options for shared folders and authentication
– Allows users to create their own shared folders in a flash
– Update the Software
– Support for multiple modems and different input methods
– Allows the administrator to log in and out from the web interface
– Provides access to various components such as logos, support buttons, and shortcuts
– Can edit the AP configuration, AP name, and user name
– Can download new drivers and update firmware
– Can manage the SSL certificate
– Can send the hostname, join the AP, change the DNS server, and modify the WLAN settings to other APs in the network
– Can update the firmware for APs and wireless cards
– Allows the administrator to update the settings of the wireless card
– Allows the administrator to add or remove an AP
– Allows the administrator to add and remove users and access permissions
– Allows the administrator to add or remove shared folders
– Allow the administrator to set a log off time for the clients
– Supports multiple Wireless interfaces (D-Link DAP-2590 and D-Link DAP-2600)
– AP Manager can now synchronize via UDP port 5000 (Synchronization is not secure and is therefore only recommended for testing)
– AP Manager 2 can be installed on a separate server
– AP Manager can be updated without using a link to the internet (requires re-downloading)
– AP Manager is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian

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Download AP Manager II v1.0.2 for Windows

AP Manager II is a convenient software tool used to manage the configuration of your wireless network from a central computer. With AP Manager II there is no need to configure devices individually.